Ramon Moro & Emanuele Maniscalco – Dreams

Ramon Moro & Emanuele Maniscalco
Available now

Ramon Moro trumpet, flugelhorn
Emanuele Maniscalco pianoforte

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– https://soundcloud.com/ramonmoro
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“Time ago, for many nights, I had some evocative dreams.
I dreamt of melodies suspended in the air, I focused on their melodic lines and I could precisely recognize the sound of my trumpet.
They were very long airs, sometimes hypnotic, interposed by many silences.
I couldn’t lose that feeling and I decided to write them when I woke up.

I thought that the trumpet sound had to be accompanied by the piano and so I composed eight songs for trumpet and piano.
Emanuele, so sensitive and refined, has interpreted them exactly how I thought them.

The general atmosphere of the album is nocturnal, dreamy, nostalgic but enchanting, ancient and gentle, like the soundtrack of an unwritten film.

In this work I decided not to use effects on my trumpet sound since, after many years, I felt the need of purity and cleanliness.
It’s an album completely different from the previous ones, that rank in more experimental music areas.

Dreams is an album of compositions with very limited improvised interludes, I wanted to focus only on the essence of the dreams and on the feeling that they caused me.”

“I garbati suoni del sogno sono notturni e nostalgici…” Marco Basso, su La Stampa

“un disco sognante, ma anche di pregio, consistente e avvolgente…”

Ramon Moro: intervista, recensione e streaming

Fabio Alcini, su MusicTracks

“un disco minimale di melodie suggerite come flusso, suggerimento di sentimenti possibili o probabili, in cui perdere il flusso dei pensieri in brume inaspettate e contemporaneamente prevedibili…”
Francesco Misiti, su Out Fanzine + RadioOut