Stone and Death is nothing else than the story of a man hit by an apocalyptic catastrophe.
Devastation by stones: enormous, tiny, average.
He is hit, buried, submerged.
Time stops.

“After seventy years I am alive, I hear all sounds, I regain consciousness of my body, I breathe dust, I feed myself with my blood. I remember and I impress my memories in a world made of stones. I feel useful, I embrace souls, I tidy and clean up. Every single day.”

you dig my eye
and I feel you dripping to the lips
day after day
you make me hear the echo of my thoughts
and the black voices slipping away
along the temples
they crack the vessels
blood runs but at nightfall it is stopped
by the frost
by the rumble
by the entirely pressed womb
by the recollection of a light that once abandoned is scattered

I generate thumbs to generate cold tracks
over sharp granites aligned like transparent blades
the moors fell off and adrift I found a sea storm
the grand life
of whirlwinds, winds, roaring and thunders
the grand life
I obtained counsels by fetid and feeble shadows only
generating only a sea of worms
which forced imperceptible forces
the world shaken by worms

with rings crushing the fingers
and breath only tar and dust
like all the days crushing life
and heart only tar and dust
it slowly closes your eyes
it slowly opens your mind
dust becomes cloud
white by day
dark by sunset
like every day

pulsating of the temples
I feel like dying
the pain is suffocating me

pulsating of the temples
I feel like dying
the pain is suffocating me

pulsating of the temples
I feel like dying
the pain is suffocating me

I tightened my gentle pupil
feeling it pulsate
aim at it
hate it
pull the trigger
nobody will miss him
kill a living being
death = stone

bites of heart
tender night of memories
the wolves are climbing down
I hear them arrive
the snow chases the ride of the fast
they roll over the valley
I feel yet the warmth of the tender heart
and the black of memories
darkness is dancing to the valley
the wolves are waiting for the prey
bites of heart

November 2086
today you aim a blade at my forehead
today you inspect me with disgust
you shiver and observe my long hair
you shake and touch my chest
you have been forgotten for years
you have extinguished alone, embittered, wanted
the earth has dug your heart
you denied smiles
the stone carved your lips
now you see me
now you recognize me
now you judge me
now you tie me and use me
to engender force, sound and movement
you decrepit coward

and again
slipping away from my hands
greasy and freezing
naked bodies with endless eyes endlessly open
It seems someone wants to scream and I turn him
silent, the nape falls silent
silent, the back is curved
and again
ten, twenty, thirty
white and silent and naked
soon the tar will cover you in justice
my everyday cleaning job

stone and death
stones and deaths
stone is death
whispers, blows and boom
darkness tastes of dust
darkness tastes of blood
darkness tastes of miasma
and then bitter cold.

caresses, endearments, gazes, gasps, orgasms
love, adore, help
run, circling
and then bitter cold.