OUT NOW – “Stone and Death”

Out now on Club Inferno Ent. the new album by Darkram.
“Stone and Death” represents an immersion into the netherworld of a dark soul, an apocalyptic environment, the catastrophic natural phenomenon, the solitude of silence, depression and death where the Dark Ambient of the songs is overwhelmed by a Black Metal aura.
released February 26, 2017

daRKRam plays trumpet, flugelhorn, music, ambience
Marshall JCM 900 4102 100W
Fender Vintage Reissue ‘65 Twin Reverb 100W
Peavey Valveking VK100
Lombardi Head 100W – Cabinet 4X12 Sovtek

Artwork photograph by Gianni Ferrero Merlino.
Recorded and Mixed by Claudio Tortorici at Superbudda – Torino